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happy teachers day speech

Teacher’s day is observed on 5th of September of every year and this is the day where the leader’s of the school who teaches the student delivers the teachers day speech. In this article, we are going to help the students so that they can greet their teachers well with our latest Happy Teachers day Speeches and Teachers day Essays. Also, we have some amazing collection of Teachers day Quotes, Teachers day Greeting Images here. The speech provided here are written using very simple language and this can be easily understood by them.

happy teachers day speech

Using before-mentioned speeches pupils can actively compete in the speech writing on teacher’s day and display their hearty emotions for their beloved teacher in the college or school. 

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Happy Teachers day Speech 1

Today with a very warm welcome to all our teacher, I, their students stands here o greet them on this day remarked for my teachers. The reason for the gathering of this crowd is well known to everybody and we will try to take the celebration of teachers do to the next level with the help of our specially prepared teachers day speech. On the day of 5th September, we feel proud to honor the efforts made by our teachers in shaping our future towards a successful one. Among all the teachers, we would like to thanks our class teachers as they are just like the parents away from our house who also take our cares.

I am going to recite some well said quotes on education, students and teachers by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi during his interaction with students on the Teachers Day 2017:

  • “Education should become a force for the nation’s character building.”
  • “Dialogue with students: Enjoy childhood. Don’t let the child in you die.”
  • “We must restore respect for the teacher in our society.”
  • “Can’t India dream of exporting good teachers?”
  • “Children can contribute to nation-building through cleanliness, saving electricity and water.”

With this, we hope that we apply all our teachers teaching in our lives and live prosperous lives.

Thank You,

teachers day speech

Teachers Day Speech 2017, Teachers day Essays

With a cheer full morning, I would like to congratulate and wish my beloved teachers a very happy teachers day. Today, I am here to celebrate this day with the help of my special designed and constructed teachers day speech. Really this day means a lot to me. From my childhood, the way I have been nurtured after my parents are my class teachers and my various subject teacher. I am really thankful to all of them. I wish them a very healthy life and offer my wishes to them in each and every phase of their life just like the same way they were there for me when I needed them I every time of my life. So, dear colleagues come on and participate in this recognition to pay a hearty regard to our own mentors. They are termed as the backbone of our nation because they profoundly participate in creating up our personalities, developing our future and help us to be perfect citizens of the nation.

Teacher’s day is honored all across the country each year on 5th of September to give tribute to the educators for their valuable benefactions in our education as well as towards the community and nation. There is a great motivation behind the ceremony of teacher’s day on 5th of September as it is the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was a famous person and extremely faithful towards the study of students.

Thank You,

Happy Teachers day Speeches in Hindi /

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Here we have latest Teachers day essay and speeches in Hindi as well in image format. All you need to read them line by line while giving a speech. You can also save these images to your smartphone and can read them anytime and prepare a good speech for your respected Sir/mam.

teachers day speeches

teachers day essay

We hope that the content shared here on Teachers day speech is of great use for every student. You can also share your own teachers day speech and essays that you have prepared we would like to see and will try to make them better.

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